Universal STEAM a maker movement for all students

BREAKING: Universal STEAM returns for Summer 2022!

This upbeat, hands-on, creative one-day event is dedicated to the exploration of how STEAM and Maker activities can be used as a universal, tier I teaching-and-learning strategy to help all students explore content in novel ways that…

  • improve engagement
  • deepen learning
  • provide more authentic representations of what students know and can do

Here’s the details:

What: #517EdTech Spring Gathering

When: August 9th, 2022 - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Where: Ingham ISD’s Early Childhood Building, 6520 Mercantile Way in Lansing

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The Educator's Workbench Logo

Educator's Workbench 2022

The past couple of school years have shown us that there's no substitute for flexibility in your teaching and learning. However, flexibility requires tools, techniques and strategies. In the Educator's Workbench, we explored all three. 

Each attendee received:

  • A really good, easy-to-read and apply, book called “Inclusive Learning 365
  • A box filled with new classroom tools and materials mailed to your classroom for you to use and explore during the sessions and beyond, including, but not limited to…
    • Webcam
    • Digital audio recorder
    • Flexible phone/tablet stand and tripod
    • Graphics tablet
  • Classroom-embedded time and space to explore a vision for making your classroom more flexible and universally-designed to the benefit both of both the ongoing realities of having to lesson plan and teach as well as having to learn both now and into the future (whatever the future may look like.)

Session 1 – January 31st – 4pm – 6 pm (remote, synchronous) – Introduction to the book and the mindset we’ll be exploring. Also, discussion of what’s available for you to receive in your classroom.

Session 2 – March 14th – 4 pm – 6 pm (remote, synchronous) – Exploration of the tools sent to you, particularly as they relate to generating flexibility in teaching and learning.

Session 3 – May 2nd – 4 pm – 6 pm (remote, synchronous) – Show and tell of interesting ideas and attempts, discussion around the idea of “Evidence of Learning.”

5 1 7 Ed Tech Workshop and Share Series

The Workshop and Share YouTube Playlist is now available!


Capital Area District Library

An exploration of CADL's Student Success Initiative - CADL librarians Jennifer DeGroat and Courtney Tang will share information about this exciting new project in which students (and many educators) in CADL's service area have free library cards. Learn more about these cards as well as the materials and resources that CADL provides.

Video Recording of the Session


Join Andrew (a former MS and HS math teacher) for this 2-part exploration of the mathematics tool Desmos - Desmos is a free web application that has been crafted by math teachers to help support student exploration of this subject that many students find frustrating to learn and teachers find frustrating to teach. This tool provides a number of different modes of exploration that set the standard for usability for digital math tools.

Session 1 - An Introduction to Desmos

Session 2 - Activity Builder and the Computation Layer


Discovery Education

A Fresh Look at Discovery Education - Uncover all that Discovery Education Streaming has to offer! Find and assign 190,000+ standards-aligned resources, filterable by subject and grade level to complement lessons and curated into timely, relevant collections. Learn how to meet the needs of all learners via instructional strategies that utilize video segments, images, songs, audio books, encyclopedia articles, interactives, podcasts, animations, and more.

Here's the video recording of the session

Video recording


Michigan E Library - also known as Mel
An exploration of the Michgan eLibrary - The Michigan eLibrary is a free set of resources on all kinds of different things and they've continued to expand their offerings. Join #517EdTech as we bring in a couple of guests from Michigan eLibrary to lead us through exploring the amazing collection of resources that you and your students could be using right now for free.

Elementary Presentation 

Secondary Presentation

Latest 3-Minute Instructional Tech Video from #517EdTech

Allison's Tech Tip Tuesdays

Andrew's 3-Minute Instructional Tech

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#517EdTech was launched in 2014 with goal of connecting educators in Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties in Mid-Michigan.  Our professional learning network includes educators from over 20 public, private, and post-secondary educational communities. 

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#517EdTech is coordinated by

Allison Rogers from C C RESA

Allison Remington (Rogers)

Instructional Tech Specialist 

Clinton County RESA

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Christy Lobdell 

Assistive and Instructional Technology

Eaton RESA

Andrew Shauver from Ingham I S D

Andrew Shauver

Instruction and Technology Coach

Ingham Intermediate School District

REMC 13 Director

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