REMC 13 Classroom Maker Kit Checkout

Welcome to the REMC13 Classroom Makers Program


Welcome and thank you for your interest in a Classroom Maker Kit from REMC 13! We have a variety of kits available for checkout. The resources in each kit are hyperlinked below with additional information about each item.  Each section also includes a Training & Instructions page to help users get started. Once you know which kit you would like to check out, check the calendar to view kit availability and then visit the Check out form. We are excited to get these resources into the hands of your students!

If you're not sure where to start, consider our STEAM Story-Telling Kits


STEAM Story-Telling kits A, B, and C

We have three different STEAM Story-Telling Kits available to check out.

Each kit includes

  • At least 18 books related to STEAM, making, invention, and design thinking

  • MakeDo Cardboard Construction Set

  • Set of 1000 Construction Bricks

But the kits are not completely identical. 

STEAM Story-Telling Kit A inlcudes the things listed above plus

  • 2 Strawbees Die-cuts
  • Precut strawbee connectors
  • A box of straws

STEAM Story-Telling Kit B includes the things listed above plus

STEAM Story-Telling Kit C includes the things listed above plus

  • Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro

More Information on the STEAM Story-Telling Kits



Take a look at all the other kits we have to check out.

Coding and gaming

Coding and Gaming 1


3D Printer


  • SeeMeeCNC 3D Printer

  • Laptop with Software

  • Training &Instructions



Coming soon - Fitness Kit


  • Details will be released soon!


Coding and gaming

Coding and Gaming 2



Green Screen


  • Green Screen (fabric)

  • Green Screen (pop up)

  • iPad

  • Tabletop Tripod with iPad Adaptor

  • HUE Camera

  • Training & Instructions

We use the app Do Ink to edit green screen video. Click here for a tutorial on the Do Ink app.






If you are interested in one of the kits,

First, check the Maker Kit Calendar for availability, then fill out the Check out a Maker Kit form.

Maker Kit Calendar
Check Out a Maker Kit


REMC Classroom Maker Materials are provided by the REMC Classroom Makers Project

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  • 5 - 11 oz. Tello Drones
  • 15 batteries
  • 5 chargers
  • You'll also need to install the free Tello App from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • note: everyone who reserves the Drone Kit will be considered "Level 1" and Andrew, Allison, or Christy will come out and show you the fundamentals of using the drones.

Take Apart Kit


  • Screw Driver Set

  • 7-piece Wrench Set

  • 5-piece Pliers Set

  • Eye Protection (30)

  • Hex Key Set (traditional)

  • Hex Key Set (metric)

  • Canvas Table Cloths (10)