Come join the REMC 13 and 517 Ed Tech - A Capital Area Tradition! 

The REMC 13 network is home to many of the public and private schools in the Capital region. Membership unlocks tools, resources and a community of collaborators and problem-solvers that meet regularly throughout the region for collaboration, professional learning, and exploration of cutting edge classroom technology.

Our Premium digital resources include

  • Tumblebooks

  • SIRS Discoverer from Proquest

  • Culturegrams from Proquest

Building Licenses for Additional Premium Tools are available through REMC 13. Pricing Details are on the right side of this page.

  • Discovery Education's Experience Platform

  • Mystery Science

  • Pivot Interactives

Our 517 Ed Tech Professional Learning Resources and Series include

  • The Educator's Workbench series

  • 517 Ed Tech's Classroom Innovation Grants

  • MACUL Conference Scholarships

  • Google Gems

  • The 517 Ed Tech Unplugged Series

  • COMING SOON: 2024 iTECS Summer Conference (details coming soon!)

  • Previous series have included

    • Universal STEAM
    • Workshop 'n Share
    • The Capital Area Educators Summit
    • The Digital Instruction Network
    • among others...
  • Educators in REMC 13 member schools and districts are able to attend as many 517 Ed Tech professional learning events as they would like, free of charge, by virtue of their district's REMC 13 membership status.

  • ALSO: REMC 13 member districts have additional access to the 517 Ed Tech team (Allison, Christy, and Andrew) to come to your district for custom events and workshops based on 517 Ed Tech Professional learning. 

    • Andrew and Allison have visited schools this school year to support exploration of Artificial Intelligence
    • Andrew and Christy have visited schools this school year to support exploration of Universal Design for Learning
    • Andrew has built tool-based mini sessions for Canva, Desmos, and SchoolAI, among other tools.

Additional membership perks and resources include:

  • The REMC 13 Classroom Makers Collection

  • Access to the legendary 517 Ed Tech mailing list and newsletter keeping you up-to-date on a variety of opportunities for professional learning and support from...

    • Michigan State University
    • Central Michigan University
    • Michigan Department of Education
    • MACUL
    • Michigan Association of Non-public Schools
    • MiSTEM
    • Statewide REMC Association of Michigan
    • REMCSave
    • Michigan eLibrary
    • Capital Area District Library
    • and more...

REMC 13 membership dues for the 2024-2025 school year will be $2.00/student for any district or school in Eaton, Clinton, or Ingham Counties.

Additionally, REMC 13 schools and districts will have access to discounted pricing on building licenses of Discovery Education's Experience Platform, Mystery Science, and Pivot Interactives. 

  • Discovery Education Experience is $1700/building. 

    • Prices are expected to continue to increase in future years. You have the option of signing a 3-year contract with Discovery to lock in 2024 prices.

  • Mystery Science is available for

    • $1395/building for buildings of 200+ students

    • $895/building for buildings of 100-199 students

    • $395/building for buildings under 100 students 

  • Pivot Interactives are $5.50/student for buildings over 100 students. $500/building for school buildings under 100 students.


To get started with your membership, please contact:

Help Desk

Phone: 517.244.1215

Andrew Shauver

Phone: 517.244.1290